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     Servizi Ospedalieri which is the leading firm of Laundry and Sterilization in Italy has been providing services in this field for a long time. By merger with Omasa firm, Servizi Ospedalieri has become the prominent exogenous surgical instruments provider in Italy. Thus, it can provide a wholistic service in the systematic leasing field. Its biggest difference from its competitors is presenting flexible and personal solutions to its clients in consequence of technologic research and development studies.

     Sterile sets which are manufactured in sterilization centers of Servizi Ospedalier have CE Conformity Certificate (CE Mark). This certificate indicates that every product sets meets basic requirements in accordance with 93/42/EEC European directives and these products are acceptable to sale in nationwide and European wide. A product with a CE mark means guarantee and assurance for user and final user.

     Technological research and innovation are the most important features for Servizi Ospedalieri.

Each year Servizi Ospedalieri provides;

Processing over 40 million kg hospital textiles
Bed management more than 45.000
100.000 surgical enterprise guarantee
More than 100 service points including public and private hospitals, clinics and nursing houses.
Providing service to more than 120.000 health worker
Operating 19 sterilization centers all over Italy.
100.000 packaged surgical instruments kits.

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Fax: (312) 266 46 44

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